Holiday Nut Sales

Altrusa International of Dallas, TX Inc. generates funds for our Foundation through various activities throughout the year. During the holiday season we sell fundraising nuts which make great gifts during Thanksgiving and Christmas. See below for the nuts we are selling this year or click here to download a flyer.

Reach out to or to purchase these nuts. They'll be happy to deliver to your home or place of business!

Gift Tins

Gift tins are a perfect corproate gift for your clients. Large enough to feed an office with a good mix of nuts to entertain everyone!

Deluxe Gift Tin Texas Design Deluxe Gift Tin - 70oz mixed nuts $60

Winter Scene Gift Tin Winter Scene Design Gift Tin - 29oz mixed nuts $30

Gourmet Gift Boxes

Premium Chocolate Lamonds Premium Chocolate Almonds - 22oz $20

Premium Chocolate Pecans Premium Chocolate Pecans - 22oz $20

Praline Frosted Pecan Halves Praline Frosted Pecan Halves - 16oz $15

Executive Mixed Nuts Executive Mixed Nuts - 16oz $15

Stocking Stuffers

 Dark Chocolate Almonds Dark Chocolate Almonds - 8oz $7.50

Chocolate Pecans Chocolate Pecans - 8oz $7.50

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patties - 8oz $7.50

 Dark Chocolate Cranberries Dark Chocolate Cranberries - 8oz $7.50

Fancy Pecan Halves Fancy Pecan Halves, great for baking! - 16oz $12

Perfect Pistachios Perfect Pistachios - $9

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